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I am a Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Assistant in the Second Language Studies (SLS) program at Michigan State University (United States). I hold a bachelor’s degree in intercultural communication and foreign language pedagogy from Tver State University (Russia) and two master’s degrees from Kent State University (United States): dual MA in translation/MBA and MA in TESL.

My experience includes work in Russia and the United Stated in the areas of translation, foreign language teaching, and SLA research. I have taught Russian, French, English, TESL, and SLA courses. As a researcher, I strive to bridge the gap between SLA research and language pedagogy. My primary areas of research are instructed SLA and second language psycholinguistics.

I am particularly interested in the following areas of second language studies:

  • Second language peer interaction
  • Psycholinguistic processes and individual differences in SLA (language transfer/learned attention, language learning aptitude, working memory, and motivation)
  • Acquisition and teaching of second language grammar
  • Using learner corpora in the development of pedagogical materials

For more information, please see my CV.

If you have any questions, please contact me at